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Since 1974

Welcome to Statistical Trends and Track Selections


We are a daily publication providing a complete analysis of a horse’s chances in the races. With our passion for horse racing, we have published one of the most popular sets of selections in the Midwest since 1974.

With our contributions to the sport, we’ve been featured alongside well known author Andrew Beyer for our success in the world series of handicapping, and served as a commentator and host on the video "Pat Day-Race Rider". 

In 1999 we were one of only nine bettors who successfully predicted the Kentucky Derby superfecta, with those four horses featured in our top five selections that day. Concurrently, we won the Churchill Downs' Handicapping contest, earning the opportunity to represent them in the first National Handicapping Tournament held in Las Vegas that same year.

While our publication is dedicated to providing an objective opinion into horse racing analysis, note that we are in no way associated with gambling activities.

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